Manifesto for an international digital mental health network

Abstract Current mental health services across the world remain expert-centric and are based on traditional workflows, mostly using impractical and ineffective electronic record systems or even paper-based documentation. The international network for digital mental health (IDMHN) is comprised of top-level clinicians, regulatory and ICT experts, genetic scientists, and support organizations. The IDMHN has been formed to enable the implementation of digital innovations in clinical practice, hereby facilitating [...]

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Dr Eduard Maron: how DocuMental fills the gap in mental healthcare with innovation

Mental healthcare is increasingly in focus worldwide. Mostly, it is due (and thanks) to an important and positive trend taking place – the destigmatisation of issues related to this area of life. We’re becoming more aware of how these problems affect our existence and those around us. Also, we now better understand what role digitalisation plays in this respect. Although innovation may have disrupted a number of [...]

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