DocuMental Online Clinic

DocuMental is a unique mental health clinic combining international traditional knowledge and technological experience

Your personal guide to the mental health landscape

Every second person faces mental health problems during lifetime. This is like an journey, which, unfortunately, can be in wrong direction, frustrative or with unreached destination. DocuMental is your personal guide to the mental health landscape, that makes journey timely, safe and keeps direction toward desired destination.

Prof Eduard Maron, psychiatrist, DocuMental CEO and Founder

How DocuMental Online Clinic differs from other mental health clinics

Any mental health clinic can claim they are able to assess mental status, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment in accordance with international recommendations to achieve the best outcome. However, the special feature of DocuMental Online Clinic is that it uses the unique professional DocuMental platform, which is based on digitalized international diagnostic and treatment guidelines, provides a systematic diagnosis and treatment process controlled by the patient during the consultation with immediate detailed documentation.

DocuMental DigiClinic allows you to quickly and discreetly receive high-quality psychiatric care through video consultations, without leaving your home.

Feedbacks from our clients

To apply for a weapon, a consultation with a psychiatrist is required. I used the services of the DocuMental clinic and it deserves only praise: the organization of the appointment is easy and fast, the reception is professional, polite and friendly

Jaanus Vaiksoo, Editor-in-chief of the Estonian magazine Jahimees

We are very grateful to the DocuMental clinic for their professional and long-term cooperation. Our young people quickly received qualified and necessary advice. Thank you for being there for our youth!

Helmes wants to be the best partner for the growth of its employees by creating a positive environment for both professional and personal growth. It is in supporting personal growth that we see how important it is to have a professional network outside the home. So in our search we turned to DocuMental Clinic, whose personal, professional and innovative approach allowed us to respond quickly in crisis situations. We also see addressing mental health issues as part of personal growth.

The collaboration with DocuMental Clinic has had a big and important impact, and I believe that addressing issues like this openly is definitely an important step towards a sustainable, healthy and strong organization.

Maris Viires, HR Manager Helmes