Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) refers to neuropsychological developmental disorders that usually begin before the age of 12 years, in the preschool or primary school period, and manifest as a persistent, for at least six months, pattern of attention impairment (difficulty concentrating) and/or or hyperactivity and poorly controlled impulsivity. Although the syndrome is considered a childhood disorder, up to 90% of children with ADHD continue to experience symptoms into adulthood. Worldwide, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects up to 7% of children and adults, and the prevalence of ADHD among males is almost twice as high as among females.

If you suspect or have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD and you need help understanding or treating the problem, then feel free to come for a video consultation. We will try to understand the problem and, if necessary, find a suitable solution.

All you need is a smart device or computer (laptop) with a camera and microphone connected to the Internet. Once you make an appointment here, we will send you a link to the video call and a link to a self-assessment questionnaire that must be completed prior to the video appointment so that our psychiatrist can better prepare for the video consultation.

During the visit our psychiatrist

  • Conducts a complete mental health assessment necessary to identify signs of ADHD and possible related problems
  • Conducts clinical assessment in accordance with International Classification of Diseases (ICD) diagnostic criteria to make a diagnosis
  • Helps with interpretation of test results (QB-test, DIVA test). NB! For greater objectivity of the clinical picture, we recommend that you undergo a QB-test and/or DIVA test in advance, for example from our partners Claritas
  • Prepares documentation reflecting psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis
  • Discuss a treatment plan and, if necessary, prescribe medication
  • Will help monitor the success of treatment and, if necessary, make the necessary adjustments, including extending the prescription.